The L.I.N.C. Society is...

A registered charity that has served residents of the Fraser Valley and beyond since 1997. L.I.N.C. maintains several separate programs and services supporting people impacted by the criminal justice system and multi-barriered individuals.  

Our programs and services are rooted in principles of transformative justice, equity, community and diversity. Public safety is the reason why we do what we do. L.I.N.C. believes in and is committed to the following principles:

That every person within society has a fundamental right to be safe and secure,
That everyone is part of the reintegration process where all people have an inherent value and dignity,
That the positive contribution of every person can have a meaningful impact on the spirit of justice, and on the sense of well being, within the community,
That hope for the future lies in the potential of every individual to change, and in the willingness of others to support and encourage that change.

We believe that a personal sense of value can be restored to victims and perpetrators of crime by providing spaces of community and support. In order for the harms caused by crimes to be reduced, perpetrators of crime must be accountable for their impacts upon victims and survivors of crime, their families and the wider community. We believe true accountability can only be fostered in the context of community and meaningful opportunity. People in prisons must understand they have inherent potential, and the ability to positively contribute to community. In L.I.N.C. programs, people in prison work directly with victims of crime, and volunteer for efforts that provide care and service for victims/survivors of crime. Supporting survivors/victims of crime is an integral part of the work that L.I.N.C. does. This has evolved over the years to where we now provide direct service to victims/survivors of crime through our:

Outreach Worker for survivors of serious crime (not active)

Funding and organizing victim centered community events (active)

Free produce & fresh eggs to victims and survivors of crime (active)

Assisting victims to attend conferences and workshops (active)

Funding provided by our agricultural social enterprise Emma’s Acres (active)

Services L.I.N.C. provides to people in prison and on conditional release include:

Weekly support groups (active-suspended due to COVID 19)

Toll Free Support Line (active)

Tailored support to assist individuals in exiting the prison system (active)

Out-reach for people leaving prison with high risk and little support (active)

Support for LGBTQ2S+ identifying persons in prison or on conditional release (active)

L.I.N.C. is a living wage organization. L.I.N.C. stands for inclusivity and diversity.

All L.I.N.C. spaces are SAFE SPACES.

Thank you to our partners and sponsors, who make our work possible!
Community Action Intiative
TD Bank
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Rotary International
Vancouver Foundation
Vancouver Foundation
BC Government
United Way
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