Emma’s Acres: Restoration, Reintegration, Food Security


Since 2014, Emma’s Acres has been serving communities in the Fraser Valley with non spray, non gmo herbs, produce and fresh eggs. Farming for social good, we prioritize sale of our food to low income, multi-barriered and vulnerable persons and families. Emma’s Acres is the community partner for the District of Mission for the BC Farmer’s Market Coupon Program. This program provides families who need it with weekly coupons for fresh, nutritious food. Are you in need? Contact us for more information!

Emma’s Acres is sustained by the volunteer efforts of people in our communities who have been incarcerated. People from prisons in the Fraser Valley donate their time and efforts to sustain the important work for victims of crime and for the community that L.I.N.C. does. Want to learn more? Visit the Emma’s Acres learning center.

Transforming Justice, One Vegetable at a Time

Welcome to L.I.N.C’s award-winning, nationally recognized sustainable agricultural social enterprise farm! Located on 8.5 acres of repurposed land leased to L.I.N.C. by the District of Mission,


Emma's Acres at the Market

Emma’s Acres is at the 2020 Mission City Farmer’s Market. 

Emma's Acres Learning Center

Coming Soon! The Emma’s Acres Learning Center


2020 Veggie Box Program

The 2020 Season has reached maximum capacity. We hope participants are enjoying the pilot year, and we look forward to expanding our capacity for 2021!

Free to people impacted by serious crime, boxes redeemable through BC Association of Farmers Markets Coupon Program.

Honeybees at Emma's Acres

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