Mission Food Access Network (MFAN)

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MFANMission Food Access Network (MFAN) includes members of local agencies and citizens who are working towards a healthy, sustainable food future for Mission.

Our goals are to:

  • Decrease hunger
  • Improve nutritional health
  • Increase local food sustainability

To help reach our goals, we focus on specific food issues related to:

  • Food Production & Processing
  • Food Access & Distribution
  • Food Consumption & Waste Management

What is Food Security?

Simply put, food security means healthy food for all.

This means

  • There’s enough, safe, appropriate food
  • Food is nutritious
  • Food is equally accessible to everyone in a dignified way
  • The production, distribution and waste management of food does not harm the environment and creates good jobs and careers.

Ideally we want our food to be safe from outside circumstances that might put it in danger such as contamination, climate change, peak oil or economic problems. Food that is grown closer to home is fresh, can be more nutritious, and tastes better. It also helps reduce the use of fossil fuels. Buying locally grown food supports our local economy. It also promotes greater accountability for how land is used and how workers are treated.

How to Get Involved?

  • Join the Mission Food Access Network – Meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of the Month, 9:30-11:00 at the Mission Leisure Centre in the conference room.
  • Donate healthy foods to local food banks and food agencies
  • Join the Mission Community Food Bank’s Harvest Program
  • Participate in a Community Kitchen with Mission’s Kitchens
  • Buy local and eat with the season – visit the Mission City Farmers Market
  • Have fresh fruits and vegetables with all your meals
  • Support or participate in community gardens
  • Grow and process some of your own food

Mission Food Access Network Representatives

  • District of Mission – Social Development Commission
  • Fraser Health – Healthy Living/Healthier Communities
  • Long-term Inmates Now in the Community (LINC)
  • Mission City Farmers Market
  • Mission Community Services Food Bank
  • Mission Friendship Centre
  • Mission’s Kitchens
  • Mission Soapbox Community Garden
  • New Heights Church – Hope Central
  • Christian Fellowship Centre – The Grace Station
  • St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
  • Women’s Resource Society of the Fraser Valley
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