Canning Workshops 2013

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Mission’s Kitchens is offering workshops teaching up-to-date canning practices this summer and fall – three boiling water bath and two pressure canning workshops.


  • Learn to pressure can salmon on Sept. 28
  • Learn to water bath plum jam on Oct. 5
  • Learn to pressure can pumpkin on Oct. 19

Location & Teachers

Workshops are held from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm (2:00 for pressure canning) at St. Andrew’s United Church, 7756 Grand St.

The sessions are hands-on and taught by Bernardin-trained facilitators Susan Truman and Lexi Richards with a stress on safe and up-to-date home canning practices.


  • Water bath workshops are $40
  • Pressure canning workshops are $50

All equipment and supplies are included and participants take home a jar of delicious canned goods they’ve made


Pre-register and pre-pay through the Women’s Resource Society of the Fraser Valley at 604-820-8455 or click here to email us.

On Saturdays, registration can be made at the LINC booth, at the Mission Farmers’ Market.

Mission’s Kitchens is administered by LINC Society, supported by the Mission Food Access Network and funded by the United Way and Mission Community Foundation.

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