Peer Support Group for Homicide Survivors

This program is a weekly peer support group for survivors of homicide, the friends and family members of people who have been murdered.

The people who facilitate the group are survivors themselves. The first groups were held in January 2010 in Surrey, B.C.   The groups in the 2011-2012 fiscal year were held in Abbotsford at the request of survivors who live in the Fraser Valley. Over 20 survivors attended these groups and were also seen outside of the peer support group for survivors.

The need for these groups is evident by the fact that Abbotsford-Mission was listed by Statistics Canada in 2010-2011 as the murder capital of Canada.  Survivors from across Canada spoke of the need for programming specific to their needs in the feasibility study on a healing centre for survivors of homicide that was authored by L.I.N.C. and paid for by the Department of Justice Canada.

Referrals come by word of mouth from survivors themselves, Victim Services and the police, etc.  The support groups have a corporate sponsor–Valley View Funeral Home. Space is being provided in Abbotsford for the groups by M2W2.

The groups are accessible to youth and adults – both male and female. In their present form, they are not suitable for children.

A total of four groups were facilitated in the 2012-2013 fiscal year with 10 new facilitators also trained.

Meetings are held at the M2/W2 office in Abbotsford and made possible by the Valley View Funeral Home and Cemetery, the L.I.N.C. Society and the Province of British Columbia.

To register please call 604 596 8866.

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